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March 22, 2009



I saw your comment about the linoleum on Susan's blog and had to check your out. Our floor guy told us it was a really popular pattern back in the 70s. It makes me laugh everytime I see it now. How wonderful are those mai tai glasses!!! I would love to steal, I mean buy some!


Hi Heidi! Thanks for coming to check me out! Hope you'll stop by again. :)

I wonder if my mom still has that linoleum in the old house. I also wonder how many people grew up with that same flooring or have it now? :)

If you ever happen to be in the Bay Area, I know Tiki Tom's sells those glasses. No need to steal (ha ha!). Sometimes they might even turn up in the thrifts if you are lucky. That's where all of my tiki mugs came from, but they are harder and harder to find these days.


o.k. the martha sign with price tag is wonderful.

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