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June 09, 2009


Deanna @ Kitsch-Slapped

I'm currently obsessed with Death Valley, thanks to this:


oh wow! i am quite jealous of all your new friends! we saw nothing other than people...sigh....



Wow! I never heard about the Emperor of Death Valley! Thanks for sharing that!

I highly recommend a vacation in Death Valley. If you go earlier in the year the weather is quite nice. One year I went too late (I think it was June?) and I remember it being 117 degrees. Maybe it was hotter, I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure I could actually hear my brain sizzling, though.


Hope you get to meet some of them next time you're out that way! Now that I think of it, we spotted all of them along dirt roads when we totally weren't looking, so maybe that's the trick?

The little grey burro was hanging out near the hot springs in Saline Valley. Also spotted nearby was a surly 'clothing optional' type, but I made sure not to take any pictures of that!

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