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September 29, 2007



How about Dick Van Patten's Eatables for Dogs?


YES!!! I love it.

That fact that there's a recall makes it even worse (or better?).


I have fond memories (mammaries?) of Jane Russell's Playtex bra commercials: "cross your heart" bras for "full-figured gals!"


Oh, poor Jane Russell! Now there's a sex symbol if there ever was one.

However, she did make "full figured gal" a common household phrase!

Do you remember Ray Bolger as the spokesman for Scotch Buy? Some cheap grocery store brand. Even as a little kid I felt let down that Mr. Bolger lowered himself by dancing in a kilt to sell bargain paper towels on TV.


Here's my contribution....



I will sleep better at night just knowing that this exists. You absolutely made my day!

Thank you!

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