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September 05, 2007



Looks like a 40's era house dress. I used to have one that was similar that had belonged to my great grandma (until I wore it threadbare). During and just after WWII, tropical, South Pacific-ish themes were very popular in fabric. Hence the grass covered huts and tropical-looking foliage. I love it! What a great find!


1st rule of thrift stores: you will won't find what you are looking for, you will however find what you never knew existed.

Cool dress, what kind of fabric is it?


Thanks for the compliments and comments!

Sweetheartville-I learned some things I never knew before. Thanks for schooling me!

eniksleestack- It's so true. I tell you, my thrift mojo has really run out in the last few years but I do believe I've got it back. I will tell you a secret. If you ever find yourself near Reno NV, the thrifting is good. I found the above dress back here in the SF Bay Area, but I do believe it was that year in NV that got the Thrifty Gods to smile upon me again.
PS- The dress is plain ol' cotton. I do love me some cotton dresses.


Thinking Philipines when it was chic to visit in the 50's?
Very cute!

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