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February 27, 2009



I've outgrown nearly ALL my jeans. totally sux the D! I found a black fringe jacket, short tho.. i'll take a pic and see if you are interested. that iron maiden shirt may have been worth something on ebay!!!! oh and AWESOME JOB LADY!!

Darling Petunia

Nice job! Anything else good in that book?



I just couldn't bear to part with that shirt. It was just too cool! On the plus side, I am getting lots of compliments from the most unlikely people. A couple of little old ladies at the White Elephant Sale were very intersted. I wonder if they were secret Iron Maiden fans?




I have mixed feelings about the book to be honest. I didn't really care for some of the projects, but it was good for inspiration. There are two reviews on Amazon, and I think they both make good points.


Maybe I'll try another project from the book and see what I think.


Thank you

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