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June 23, 2009



holy shit that's an awesome find you LUCKY GIRL!!! I found a big collection of these weird coins and tax coins and a cool music box toy in peoples trash.boy i love garbage picking


That sounds like some pretty cool stuff!

I once found a pair of almost-new converse on the street in my size. In Reno, I found a whole pile of clothes that belonged to someone in the Navy. Why there was a whole pile, I don't know- I imagine they cleaned out their car and left it all behind? The overcoat with the cozy lining went straight to the cleaners and it was perfect.

Why pay department store prices? Ha ha!


Ha, ha! That is so fun, Roxanne! An old chair from Norway - once up on a time traveled all the way to USA! I thought I had seen it before! Dokka is a small town only 80 km from where we live! If you come visit some time, we'll take you there. (Or maybe not!?! There are more interesting places to go here I believe! Ha, ha!)
I enjoy visiting your blog! :o)

By the way; tomorow I go with my job all the way up to North of Norway. "Only" 1200 km from our house! Midnightsun and all that you know! It will be lots of work, and some time to enjoy the sights!

Take care,
Elisabeth :o))


darn, that chair is just the cooooolest evah!!! wow - i'm jealous!

Darling Petunia

That is a fantastic curb find! I just dragged home two metal lawn chairs for free, but yours beats that!

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